Honda will open pre-orders for its tiny 'e Prototype' this year

Sadly, it'll only be available in Europe.

Honda's adorable e Prototype first appeared two years ago at the Frankfurt motor show. In Geneva, the automaker unveiled a closer-to-production prototype that still has the spirit of the original concept car and announced that in addition to starting production by the end of 2019, the automaker would also be taking reservations for the tiny car.

The rear-wheel-drive e Prototype (aka the Honda Urban EV Concept) has a range of 124 miles and can charge from dead to 80 percent in about 30 minutes. The limited range has to do with size and use case. A smaller car means a smaller battery and it's mainly for use in urban environments. Hence its original name.

In addition to its retro-chic exterior, the interior is a cross of wood paneling and the latest technology. The result is a surprisingly stylish dashboard that mixes what we love about the past with what we expect from cars of the present.

One of the more bold design elements of the vehicle is placing the charging port directly on the bonnet underneath a black door. The door itself acts as a design element that highlights the car's means of energy.

The e Prototype also has side cameras instead of mirrors. No word on if those will be on the final car. Chances are if they do end up in the production vehicle, they'll be an option instead of standard.

During the press conference, Honda's senior vice president of Honda Motor Europe Tom Gardner announced that by 2025 all European auto sales would be electrified. The e Prototype is part of that plan.

Sadly, Honda still says that the car is meant for the European market only. But that doesn't mean you can't reach out to the automaker and ask very nicely to bring the e Prototype to the United States.

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Honda e Prototype