'Devil May Cry 5' reveals the live action mockups behind its cutscenes

Deluxe Edition players can watch cutscenes in a pre-visualization state.

Numerous games have offered behind-the-scenes footage that shows how cutscenes came to be. But what if you could play the entire game that way? Capcom, at least, is willing to give that a shot. When Devil May Cry 5 launches on March 8th, the Deluxe Edition will include an option to watch the live action footage used to visualize cutscenes before the CG comes into play. In essence, it's like watching a low-rent, sweded version of Devil May Cry -- action figures, cardboard trucks and simple costumes fill in for the usual digital wizardry.

You probably wouldn't want to buy the Deluxe Edition of DMC5 just for this. It's a good peek at the early stages of creating game cutscenes, though, and might scratch your itch if you're a budding cinematographer. It's also a fairly clever way to watch making-of footage that won't disrupt your gameplay as much as a separate video.