Gmail Smart Compose finally ventures beyond the Pixel 3

Many Android phones can autocomplete your messages.

Gmail's Smart Compose has been widely available on the desktop for a while, but it's been quite limited in the mobile world. Unless you happen to have a Pixel 3, you've been out of luck if you've wanted Gmail to help write your messages. Thankfully, Google is casting its net much wider. Android Police has discovered that Smart Compose is rolling out to other devices, including third-party phones like the Galaxy S9+ and OnePlus 6T. Engadget can attest to the expanding hardware support, as you can see on the Essential Phone above.

We've asked Google if it can say just how large this deployment is, although it's not limited by region.

The functionality is the same, no matter what device you're using. Smart Compose uses a combination of your writing habits and common statements to suggest phrase segments as you type -- you just have to swipe right to use them. If you type "how are," for instance, Gmail will likely suggest "how are you?" as your intended phrase. It risks leading to cookie cutter replies, but it could also save you time when writing perfunctory business emails or confirming a lunch date.