Xbox One 'Phantom' controller lineup adds an option in White

The partially see-through controller goes on sale April 2nd.

If you need a new controller for your Xbox One, Microsoft has just introduced the second model in its "Phantom" series, this time as a white special edition release. It's slated to go on sale for $70 April 2nd, following the black Phantom controller released late last year.

Both of them feature a two-tone finish with see-through elements transitioning to solid paint toward the grips. It's still a neat look, even if it isn't the reworked Elite "V2" controller suggested in rumors last year. Functionally it's the same as Microsoft's other standard Xbox One controllers, with Bluetooth and a headphone jack aboard. If you are looking for something with a similar color scheme but slightly upmarket, there's an all-white version of the Elite controller that launched last fall and is still selling for $150.