Android Q will offer photo apps access to added depth effects

The company is working with devicemakers to ensure the feature works across Android Q devices.

The first Android Q beta has arrived. And based on the features Google listed on Android Developers Blog, it could herald the arrival of more photography apps with depth effects like iPhone's portrait mode. The upcoming mobile platform allows applications to request a "Dynamic Depth" image consisting of a JPEG and various depth-related elements in the same file. That will allow developers to offer a variety of blur and bokeh styles and options in-app.

In addition, they can use Dynamic Depth data to create 3D images or augmented reality effects in photos in the future. Google says it's making the features an open format and that it's working with Android manufacturers to make the technology accessible across devices running Android Q and later. That means the feature will be available even for non-Pixel users in the future. At the moment, though only Pixel devices can run the mobile platform's beta preview.