Crowdfunded Nanoloop synth doesn't need a Game Boy to make beats

Most everything you want is in a dedicated box.

Nanoloop has been a cornerstone of chiptune music for years, but using one has meant either owning a Game Boy or making do with a mobile app. You won't have to make those compromises for much longer. Developer Oliver Wittchow and crew are crowdfunding a dedicated, handheld version of the music-generating wunderkind. You'll still have a gamepad-like interface, four-channel synth and 4x4 matrix sequencer, just in a form factor that frees up your other gadgets.

This version replaces on-screen visuals with LEDs, and runs on either a pair of AAA batteries (for 50-plus hours) or a micro USB connection. A microSD slot is available to help you store your projects, and 3.5mm inputs and outputs help it sync with MIDI gear in addition to analog fare.

The project has already met its funding targets, but you can still pledge €97 (about $111) to the campaign if you want a Nanoloop. It's poised to ship in August. That may seem like a lot, but it's a small outlay if you're committed to your craft.