First 'Stranger Things 3' trailer reunites the gang

Get ready for a wet, hot summer in 1985.

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After giving us a brief Stranger Things 3 teaser yesterday, Netflix is treating us to the show's full-blown trailer. The clip crams plenty of action into its almost three-minute-long duration, with more nods to Spielberg (possessed toys for the Poltergeist fans), the dawn of '80s consumerism (malls and ice cream parlors), and enough spandex to please Olivia Newton-John.

It kicks off with a homecoming party for Dustin, set to Mötley Crüe's 1985 power ballad Home Sweet Home (a nice tie-in with Dirt, Netflix's upcoming biopic of the hair metal band), and spirals into the Upside Down from there. The Reagan-era decried by Bruce Springsteen is in full swing, reflected in the show's star-spangled July 4th backdrop, and the creeping darkness on the edge of town. It all concludes with a monstrous crescendo. You'll be able to catch up with the gang, and their growing pains, when Stranger Things 3 hits Netflix, fittingly, on July 4th

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