Arlo's 4K wireless security camera is rolling out worldwide

It's making its way to other countries this week.

Arlo's 4K wireless security camera will finally be available worldwide and will also be easier to find in the US starting this week. The company originally released the security cam in the country in January this year, a month after it introduced the device. Now, Arlo Ultra is getting nationwide distribution through stores like Best Buy and is also making its way to retailers in other countries.

In addition to capturing footage in 4K -- clear enough to be able to zoom into details, such as plate numbers -- it also has a 180-degree diagonal field of view. Arlo Ultra comes with a built-in spotlight and siren, as well, which can flood a specific area with light and start blaring if it detects movement or hears suspicious sounds. You can trigger both manually using the company's app in case you see something the device hasn't spotted yet.

A single Ultra camera will set you back $400 and will come with a year's worth of free access to Arlo's subscription service, which can save the footage it takes. The company also offers bundles that shave hundreds of dollars off multiple cameras' prices if you need more than one to keep your home safe.