iOS 12.2 is out now with Apple News+ support

It also supports the new AirPods.

To enable the fleet of software and service updates Apple is announcing today, the company is readying iOS 12.2 for your iPads and iPhones. It's not a huge, feature-packed update, but there's a decent amount to unpack here. The main event is access to the new Apple News+ subscription service, which you can get a free trial of now. The existing, free Apple News app is also available in Canada for the first time with this update. Beyond News, if you have a pair of Apple's second-generation AirPods on the way, they'll work with your device now.

Other updates include new Animoji (!): owl, boar, giraffe and shark have now joined the fun. The AirPlay interface has been tweaked a bit, and the Browse section of Apple Music has been redesigned a bit. Apple Pay Cash users can now instantly transfer their balances from their virtual card to a bank account using a Visa debit card, and the Wallet app will now show recent transactions below saved cards.

There are a host of other small changes -- check out the release notes for the full details. The update should be rolling out to iPhones and iPads now, and we'd expect a corresponding update to hit the Mac soon so that News+ subscribers can get their magazines there as well.