Google's AMP tech makes Gmail more interactive

You can fill out forms or shop stores without leaving your email app.

Google is finally ready to bring its fast-loading AMP tech to Gmail after more than a year of testing. Now widely available on the web, "dynamic email" (as Google calls it) gives you web-based interactions that would normally require opening your browser. You can fill out forms, reply to Google Docs comments or even browse catalogs, among other things. It also ensures that you get the latest version of content, so you can get the latest product listings or social network recommendations without needing a follow-up message.

As you might imagine, Google is determined to keep this secure. It reviews senders before they're allowed to send AMP-based email, and relatively few will support it out of the gate (including Twilio Sendgrid, Litmus and SparkPost).

You won't need Gmail to read these messages, at least. AMP emails will be readable through, and Yahoo Mail (owned by Engadget parent Verizon). If there's a major obstacle, it's that mobile Gmail support is still "coming soon." Like it or not, you'll have to leave the Gmail app on your phone if you want to interact with your emails.