'Warcraft' and 'Warcraft 2' are now available on

You can now play the vanilla version of ‘Warcraft 2’.

Blizzard just re-released Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft 2 through online gaming marketplace First released in the mid-nineties, the pair of real-time strategy games are now available for the first time digitally. In the first game, players return to the original Azeroth and must raise an army of humans or orcs to fight their enemies. The second Warcraft game, Tides of Darkness, takes place on the high seas, and sees humans and orcs joining forces with elves, trolls, dwarves, and other creatures.

While the first Warcraft game is just configured for today's operation systems, players have the choice of playing the vanilla-version of Warcraft 2 with support or an enhanced high-res version with bug fixes. The Warcraft sequel also comes with the Beyond the Dark Portal expansion pack, during which human venture into orcish lands in order to avoid another invasion by the Horde.

You can get Orcs & Humans for Windows and Mac for $5.99, and Tides of Darkness for Windows for $9.99, both on