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Sling TV adds MLB Network just in time for Opening Day

You can now access more than 150 live MLB games.

Baseball fans can now watch MLB games on Sling TV, just as the new season gets underway. Sling TV announced on Thursday the addition of two new channels exclusively for baseball; MLB Network and MLB Strike Zone. MLB Network will feature live regular season and postseason game telecasts and a nightly news program, "MLB Tonight". Strike Zone will feature highlights, updates and more when live games air on Tuesday and Friday evenings.

Sling TV's decision to embrace America's favorite pastime offers MLB fans a rare option outside of cable. Major League Baseball, unlike other sports, is notorious for having few options for cordcutters. MLB games have traditionally been the domain of cable and regional sports networks. members can stream out-of-market regular season games with a subscription, but the league's blackout policies mean you won't be able to stream every game live. Sling TV's new baseball channels come as a part of their Sports Extra package, which ranges from $5 to $10 a month depending on your subscription. You can view a full list of which games MLB Network will air this season here.