Cloudflare's privacy-focused DNS app adds a free VPN

Warp is a VPN for your mobile device.

Cloudfare's DNS service will add a VPN to its app for mobile devices. Known as Warp, the feature will gives users of the DNS resolver even more privacy while browsing the internet on their phone. Though the DNS service already keeps your carrier from tracking your browser history, it doesn't encrypt your internet traffic. Setting up encryption manually on Cloudfare's DNS server, while possible, required some Linux prowess.

Warp takes the next step by encrypting your connection to CloudFlare's servers and aims to reduce data use by caching and compressing content where possible. Using it as a VPN also masks all internet traffic on your phone, including the rest of your apps.


With Warp, Cloudflare promises to keep all the privacy protections that were in place with The company promises never to sell your browsing data, use targeted advertising or ask for any personally identifiable information such as your name or email address in order to sign-up.

The VPN will operate on a freemium model, allowing customers to upgrade to Warp+ for faster performance with a "low monthly fee." While Warp isn't available to all users yet, you can place your name on a waitlist in the app.