PlayStation Classic owners: Write your own review!

If you own the disappointing retro console, we want to hear all about it.

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If you missed our PlayStation Classic review back in December, here is the impression it left with editor Devindra Hardawar: He found the controllers cheap and the emulation inconsistent, concluding that overall it "feels like a mistake." Ouch. In the end we did not find PlayStation Classic to be a fun throwback or even a worthwhile purchase at all. Therefore, it was awarded a shin-kicking score of 67. And, given the reaction from the commenters on that review, a lot of you were disinclined to let the $100 system anywhere near your TV.

However, somewhere out there a few of you probably own a PlayStation Classic. After all, some sites now carry it for as little as $40. Some of you have played it. Maybe you got it as a gift. So it's likely you have some thoughts about what Sony's offering does well and where it fails. If that's you, our buyer's guide is ready and waiting for you to vent. Was Devindra too harsh? Would you have rated the Classic higher? Or was he not critical enough? What did you think about the collection of games included with the Classic? Did you try to mod it? Head to our product page for the PlayStation Classic and chime in.

Note: Comments are off this time; please submit your reviews on our PlayStation Classic product page!

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