Uber Eats improves order tracking so you can see where your pizza is

The redesign includes some cute animations.

Uber Eats is rolling out a redesign and new features to help you track your meal from the second you tap the order button until it's on your plate or in front of you in the container (no judgment here). Improved tracking will help you monitor the whole process, including the restaurant preparing your order, your courier's route to the pickup and their route to your home or office.

The redesign also includes an estimated time of arrival alongside the real-time updates. It's about offering you more transparency, and some cute animations while the restaurant is putting your order together.

You'll also have clearer information about delays and other hiccups. Uber will tell you what happened and why if your order is canceled or delayed, and you'll be able to contact your courier even before they collect your food. Uber is also working to improve customer support through calls and chat.

The update will be live on iOS, Android and the mobile web today in several cities, including Miami, San Francisco and Washington DC in the US. The new features will eventually reach all the locales Uber Eats serves.