BTS smashes YouTube record one week after it was set

It wasn't even by a small margin.

So much for YouTube's recent flurry of records standing the test of time. K-pop megagroup BTS has surpassed Blackpink's one-day viewing record a mere week later, notching 78 million views for their "Boy With Luv" music video within its first 24 hours of hitting the video site. It wasn't even a close contest -- the group's K-pop rival Blackpink managed 'just' 56.7 million for "Kill This Love."

The BTS video also racked up 2 million comments over that initial period. It's also on track to surpass Blackpink's three-day viewing record (100 million) with 95 million views as we write this.

You could see this achievement coming. It's a hot new single from a band that's wildly popular around the world, complete with guest vocals to draw in a larger audience than usual. Even so, it's evidence that YouTube still has plenty of room to grow and might even pick up the pace long after it appeared to plateau.