Google's fast-loading AMP tech won't hide original web page links

So long as you're using the right browser, that is.

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Chesnot via Getty Images
Chesnot via Getty Images

You might like Google's quick-loading AMP pages, but site owners aren't always thrilled when it frequently buries their web domain. They might be more receptive in the future, though -- Google is rolling out support for a feature that displays the original domain while maintaining that speedy AMP tech. It relies on signed exchanges that let sites trust documents (such as pages and cookies) as if they belonged to a given site's origin, ensuring that you see the actual page address without losing functionality.

There are some gotchas, mind you. Publishers will need to post both regular and signed exchange versions of the same content. "Many" have been doing that since a preview for the AMP upgrade started in the fall (Cloudflare is offering signed exchanges for free), but not every site owner might be as willing or able.

More importantly, your browser needs to support signed exchanges. That currently means Chrome or a Chromium-based browser like Microsoft's upcoming Edge revamp. While there are plenty of Chrome users, that won't help much if you're a Firefox or Safari fan. It's a start, though, and it might entice sites that were skittish about embracing AMP in the past.

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