Bing implements Google's fast-loading AMP tech

The rollout only covers the US for now, though.

If you're in the US and use Bing as your search engine on mobile, you might start coming across AMP's lightning bolt in the results page. While Microsoft already uses AMP in some of its apps, including Bing, it's only now that the search engine has started implementing Google's open-source technology for its search results within a browser. You can think of AMP as the solution Google conjured up to make web pages load faster on mobile, and it works with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera and UC Browser.

For this stage of the rollout, Bing only shows AMP versions of pages in the US within the news carousel, which is also where Google displays them in its own search results. However, Microsoft plans to use AMP for more web sites and for other links in the results page, in the future. It's also hoping to deploy the technology in more countries and regions.