FDA clears first personal ECG device to detect three heart arrhythmias

AliveCor's KardiaMobile can spot more than just AFib.

To date, personal ECG devices have only really detected one kind of heart arrhythmia: atrial fibrillation. While that's helpful, it doesn't cover other conditions that could be just as dangerous. You might not be left wondering for much longer. AliveCor's KardiaMobile has received the first FDA clearance allowing a personal device to detect two other relatively common conditions, bradycardia (where your heart rate dips to 40-50BPM) and tachycardia (a jump to 100-140BPM). While these conditions are sometimes innocuous and might not show symptoms, they can also be representative of issues like heart disease.

AliveCor emphasizes that this will only help "inform" chats with your doctor, not replace them. This still isn't as sophisticated as a multi-lead ECG you'd receive at a clinic or hospital. However, it could be useful even if you're in fine health. It should reduce the number of inconclusive ECG results you see, and provide a clearer picture of your heart's performance than before. Don't be surprised if other devices follow suit.