'Planet Zoo’ is the modern ‘Zoo Tycoon’ we’ve been waiting for

Create a zoo that both visitors and animals will enjoy.

If the explosive popularity of the The Sims over the years has taught us anything, it's that people love playing god. Players have been given control of everything from theme parks to hospitals, and now aspiring site planners can add a zoo to their CV, too.

Frontier -- the makers of Planet Coaster and Jurassic World Evolution -- have announced that Planet Zoo will arrive for PCs this fall. You'll be able to create stunning scenery and habitats, develop specialist exhibitions and research new technologies, as you build a zoo enjoyed by both visitors and your animals.

It's not the first ever zoo simulation game, of course -- we've seen a couple of iterations of Zoo Tycoon before. But unlike previous park-inspired sim games, your visitors won't be your top priority, as animal welfare is a major focus of Planet Zoo. Every creature, from lion cubs to elephants, have complex environmental and social needs, and you'll be responsible for nurturing them throughout their lives, as well as keeping the cash coming in.

"This is the zoo management game we've wanted to make for many years," said Jonny Watts, chief creative officer of Frontier. "We've challenged ourselves to build on the games we've made before and to carry the great legacy of classics like the Zoo Tycoon series forward. We're taking everything we've learned from our past work and focusing on modern values -- incredible authenticity, rich management, limitless creativity and community sharing -- to make our best­-ever simulation game."

Check out the trailer, below.