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Amazon will deliver packages to the trunk of your Ford or Lincoln

The new standard of convenience: being chased down by delivery drivers.

Apparently having packages shipped directly to your door in two days or less -- even placed inside your garage -- is not enough. Last year, Amazon began delivering packages to newer GM and Volvo cars. Now, the company will chase down even more vehicles. Ford announced today that select Ford and Lincoln vehicles are now eligible for Key by Amazon In-Car delivery, meaning Amazon will track you down and deliver your package wherever you've parked.

The program is open to select Ford 2017 and newer vehicles with FordPass Connect, as well as Lincoln 2018 and newer models with Lincoln Connect. You'll also have to be an Amazon Prime member. The Amazon Key app will allow drivers to unlock your car by linking your Prime and FordPass or Lincoln Way accounts.

For now, the service is only available in 50 US cities, and you'll have to park your vehicle within two blocks of the delivery address in a publicly accessible area. You'll receive notifications throughout the delivery, including an alert just before your package arrives. If you change your mind at the last minute, you can block the delivery, in which case Amazon will reschedule or deliver the package to the building where your car is parked. According to Ford, this is just the beginning, and we can expect more services -- like eco-friendly car washes -- delivered to our cars in the near future.