Firefox virtual reality web browser comes to SteamVR this summer

Surf the web in between VR gaming sessions.

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Mozilla's Firefox Reality browser has been available through a number of platform-specific VR portals, but it'll soon be available in a relatively neutral form. The developer has revealed that it's working with Valve to bring Firefox Reality to SteamVR sometime this summer. You'll install it through a new web dashboard button and browse pages in a window that floats over "any OpenVR experience." To put it another way, you could check a walkthrough for a VR-capable Steam game while you're playing it, whether you're using an HTC Vive, an Oculus Rift or Valve's own Index headset.

You can visit Steam (the link isn't available as we write this) to add Firefox Reality to your Wishlist so that you can get it as soon as it's ready.

This might be a bigger launch than it seems. Web browsing in VR is still in its early days, and still tends to be dictated by which device you're using. You might not have to be quite so picky from now on. This is also good news for gamers who want a major browser without having to switch environments or otherwise disrupt their experience more than necessary.

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