Xbox Adaptive Controllers will be used for veteran therapy

The accessible controller will help with both rehabilitation and fun.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller might just become an important tool for some US military veterans. Microsoft and the Department of Veterans Affairs have formed a partnership that will donate controllers, consoles, games and adaptive gear to 22 Veterans Affairs rehabilitation centers across the US. The accessible gamepads will help with rehab and therapy activities focused on hand-eye coordination and muscle activation, and should help veterans both have fun and socialize.

VA staff will provide feedback to Microsoft both on the usefulness of the Adaptive Controller for therapy as well as the overall experience.

Microsoft says the 22 centers represent "initial contributions," and that you can expect more. The controllers will also be available at hosted events such as the National Veterans Wheelchair Games. While it's unclear how well the Adaptive Controller will work as a therapeutic measure, this could still be an important gesture. It could ensure that soldiers who've faced amputations, neurological conditions and other challenges can relieve stress and reconnect with others through a common hobby.