UK government starts accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay

It's only for a handful of services at first, but it's a start.

It's now that much quicker for Brits to pay for official services online -- if you use the right services. The UK government now supports Apple Pay and Google Pay for a handful of online services as part of a trial. Right now, it's primarily useful for travel. You can use your mobile device to quickly pay for Global Entry (fast-tracking entry to the US), the Registered Traveller Service (for frequent non-EU visitors to the UK), the Electronic Visa Waiver Service (for some Middle Eastern visitors to the UK). It'll also work for "basic" DBS checks for work.

Officials expect to spread payments among other, more "central" government services as well as local government, health care and the police.

It's not a radical addition, but could make life easier if the thought of paying for government services normally turns you pale. And let's face it, this technological convenience is still relatively rare in government regardless of where you live -- it might lead other organizations and countries to follow suit.