Google Assistant will understand even more about your life

You'll be able to edit or delete details about people, places and events at any time.

Google Assistant will be able to use information you share with it about the people, places and events in your life so it has a stronger understanding of queries related to them. Google Assistant VP of engineering Scott Huffman said, with the Personal References feature, it'll have better context for queries such as "weather at Mom's house" or asking it to remind you to buy a gift before someone's birthday. With an eye on privacy, Huffman said you'll be able to add, edit or delete those details at any time from the You tab in the Assistant app settings.

Meanwhile, Assistant will soon tailor more personalized suggestions for a number of topics. The Picks for You feature will arrive on smart displays this summer, starting with recipes, podcasts and events. It'll take context into account, such as the time of day, to avoid suggesting dinner recipes in the morning.

These are among the latest in a wave of Assistant updates. Earlier this month, Google combined Assistant, web and on-device searches on Chrome OS. It also made the voice assistant compatible with business G Suite accounts, and brought its Assistant-powered bedtime stories to iOS and Android.