Google's privacy push adds Incognito Mode for Maps and Search

Joining Chrome and YouTube.

Among the new developments announced at Google I/O 2019, CEO Sundar Pichai revealed tweaks that will impact data retention and privacy. Filters that auto-delete web & app activity will become available starting today with support for auto deleting your location history "in the coming weeks," and he also announced extensions for the Incognito Mode you're familiar with from Chrome. Google rolled out a version for YouTube last year, and soon, it's coming to Google Maps too. After that, it's coming to Google Search "this year."

If course, Incognito Mode doesn't mean all tracking is disabled, but just like Chrome, that activity shouldn't show up linked to your profile. And as Google continues to expand the use of machine learning and accumulate more data about us, the company is as concerned as ever about making sure users feel like they're in control of it. One final tweak will make your Google Account (and associated privacy settings) easily accessible from within its apps under your profile photo.