Windows 10 May update brings light theme and more upgrade controls

It also splits Cortana from search and helps with password-free sign-ins.

Microsoft is rolling out Windows 10's May 2019 Update, and it should be good news if you're hoping for a refreshed look -- or just don't care much for passwords. The most conspicuous change is the addition of a long-in-the-making light theme that brightens up the interface if you find it too grim. It also splits Cortana and search on the taskbar, although Windows Central noted that this appears to be more in spirit than in practice -- you can still perform Cortana tasks in the search box.

Other additions are harder to see, but could make life considerably easier. You'll have more control over installing updates, with the option to pause them for up to 35 days in week-long increments. And with Windows Hello now toting FIDO2 certification, you can sign into apps, devices and services using biometrics and PIN codes instead of passwords.

The update is deploying in a staggered fashion as we write this, although there's an important warning: if you're upgrading from the April 2018 or October 2018 releases, you'll have to remove any SD cards and USB storage before you start the upgrade process in earnest. Otherwise, you should feel free to install the May 2019 build when you're ready.