Elgato's Stream Deck XL has 32 customizable keys

The streamer-focused device and a similar iOS app are both available now.

Elgato's Stream Deck systems offer streamers quick access to a variety of actions and macros, such as to start and end streams, tweak lighting and audio levels, switch between profiles, control music or perform multiple actions at the same time. Less than a year after releasing a smaller version of the Stream Deck, Elgato's going in the other direction with Stream Deck XL, while it has also released an iOS app.

Stream Deck XL has 32 customizable LCD buttons, up from 15 in the standard model. The accompanying desktop app now has an app store, with plugins from third-party developers that should offer you more flexibility for the actions you trigger when you tap a button.

The Stream Deck Mobile app offers the same functionality, albeit wirelessly and without the need for a physical device. You'll have 15 virtual keys to choose from, and the app will pair with the Stream Deck desktop software via a QR code. Both Stream Deck XL and the app are available now. The device costs $250 while Stream Deck Mobile has a free trial, then it'll cost $3/month or $25/year.