Galaxy Fold delay will reportedly extend through June

Based on unnamed industry sources.

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Richard Lawler
May 29th, 2019
Galaxy Fold delay will reportedly extend through June

It has been more than a month since Samsung announced a delay in launching its Galaxy Fold, and we still don't have a new release date. A few weeks ago, exec DJ Koh said "we will not be too late" and representatives indicated a date would be announced in the coming weeks but there has been no official update since then. Now Korean media outlets like Yonhap and The Korea Herald report, based on anonymous industry sources, that the flexible device won't launch next month either.

While company officials maintained that a new launch date will be announced in a few weeks, Yonhap has heard that stabilizing the hardware quality in its units is taking longer than expected. It also apparently has to recertify the device for use with mobile networks, which may give more people in the industry a look at the process. Another official quoted mentioned that Huawei's US problems and their impact on its foldable Mate X could give Samsung more time to work out any issues.

The FCC deadline for Samsung to either cancel preorders for the nearly $2,000 device or obtain consent for the delay is Friday, and it doesn't seem like we'll see anything official before then. All the reports indicate that Samsung still plans to release the Fold, it just might be a little later in the year than they were hoping.

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