Uber could give you the option to ‘favorite’ drivers

So you can ride with them again in the future.

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d3sign via Getty Images
d3sign via Getty Images

Uber might be developing a feature that lets riders add drivers as a "favorite" so they can ride with them again in the future. App researcher Jane Manchun Wong revealed the potential app addition on Monday, noting that Uber was apparently testing the feature -- no other details have been given so far.

This would be a big change for the app -- and indeed Uber overall. On one hand, this kind of feature could pose a privacy risk for drivers, but if well implemented, could help bolster a sense of confidence and security among riders. Almost everyone who uses the service has a tale to tell about a past Uber driver, so if there's no way of straight-up avoiding particular individuals, this function will at least make sure you get a driver you're comfortable with.

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