Ecobee smart thermostat with glass display pops up on Lowe's website

Unannounced sensors were also part of the premature reveal.

Ecobee is reportedly working on a new SmartThermostat and SmartSensors. The items haven't been announced yet, but they're listed on the Lowe's website. The specific product pages have been removed, but Zatz Not Funny managed to spot the details before they were scrubbed.

According to the blog, the new SmartThermostat will swap past versions' plastic display for glass, enhance wireless capabilities and offer dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth. It will also add Spotify Connect and Alexa calling, drop-in and messaging. The new SmartSensor appears to have improved occupancy detection, a longer battery life and an extended pairing range.

These details aren't definite, as Ecobee hasn't announced the products, but we've reached out to the company to confirm. Ecobee has worked with Alexa for years, so the added capabilities seem like a natural evolution. And last summer, the company trialed a Peak Relief pilot program that automatically cut down on heating and cooling when electricity rates were at their highest. Perhaps the company is ready to add that feature to its new model. Last month, Zatz Not Funny shared an image of what appeared to be Ecobee's first home security camera. With this latest leak, it might seem that Ecobee has at least a few new smart home products in the works.