Tesla opens Model 3 orders in Australia, Japan and a few other places

It has also revealed the prices for China-made Model 3 vehicles.

Tesla is finally accepting Model 3 orders from buyers in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Ireland and Macau. It's been a long wait for some of those locations: In Australia, for instance, reservations opened as far back as three years ago when Model 3 was first launched.

Prices and variant availability vary per region, like usual. Interested buyers will have to check out the Model 3 design portal to see what their options are. Deliveries for Ireland will begin as soon as July, while orders in Australia and New Zealand will follow in August. The Tesla website is a bit more vague when it comes to the timeline for Hong Kong, Macau and Japan orders, only noting that it will start deliveries in those regions sometime in the third quarter.

In addition to announcing the vehicle's expanded availability, Tesla has also revealed the prices for its China-made Model 3 vehicles. Prices for the EVs begin at $47,529, which costs a bit more than the most basic build in the US but is around 13 percent less than what a buyer would pay for an import. The company has started taking pre-orders for the China-made version of the vehicle today for a downpayment of $3,000. Buyers can expect to get their vehicles in six to 10 months' time.