Recommended Reading: Blame the apps for iPhone privacy woes

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iPhone privacy is broken... and apps are to blame
Joanna Stern,
The Wall Street Journal

Thanks in part to Facebook's privacy blunders, concern over personal data security is growing. And we continue to find things gobbling up our info that we didn't know were doing so. The Wall Street Journal tested 80 iOS apps and discovered that a lot of them are tracking users in ways we aren't aware of. It's a topic that could be a focus during Monday's WWDC keynote.

One week with the Valve Index: A VR game-changer with a few question marks
Sam Machkovech,

ArsTechnica has a detailed preview of Valve's VR headset before it launches at the end of June.

Twitter has started researching whether white supremacists belong on Twitter
Jason Koebler and Joseph Cox,

Twitter's moves in the past have been more about fostering open conversation, but maybe that's about to change. Just don't get your hopes up just yet.

It's the middle of the night. Do you know who your iPhone is talking to?
Geoffrey A. Fowler,
The Washington Post

Two iPhone privacy stories in one week? Yep! The Washington Post conducted its own tests and found 5,400 "hidden" app trackers swiping up data over the course of a week.

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