Chrome 75 for Android will suggest super-strong passwords

It also debuts a hidden reader mode for desktop.

Google is slowly making the stable version of Chrome 75 available for all users on both mobile and desktop. It comes with various features for every platform, starting with the password management tools the Android version was sorely lacking. Whenever you create a new account on an Android device, the gray bar at the top of your keyboard will now show a button that says "Suggest a strong password," similar to what you'd see if you sign up for an account through Chrome on desktop.

The gray bar will now also show a key logo when you tap on a log-in text box. Your passwords will be listed under that logo, along with a "Manage passwords" option. In addition, you might soon find it easier to scroll through long lists of images and text now that the mobile browser supports the Scroll Snap Stop feature. It gives developers a way to designate snap positions within a page, so scrolling down quickly will only take you to the next photo, for instance, instead of to the very bottom.

For iOS devices, Google removed Chrome's ability to automatically open native applications when clicking from within Incognito mode. And for Windows, Mac and Linux, Google has introduced a hidden reader mode that you can switch on by going to chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode. After enabling the feature, you'll find "Distill page" as an option in Chrome's dropdown menu -- just click that to kick any unwanted element out of the web page you're looking at and to leave only an article's headline, images and text behind.

Of course, it wouldn't be a major Chrome update without a lengthy list of bug fixes, including 42 security patches for the desktop version.