Samsung's customizable refrigerator comes in nine colors and eight sizes

It’s the first in a line of personalized home appliances.

Samsung wants to capitalize on consumers who value personal tastes and experiences, and they plan to do so with refrigerators. Yesterday, Samsung revealed Project PRISM, or what it's calling a "new era of customized home appliances." The first product in its lineup is BESPOKE, a refrigerator for which users can choose the material, color and size, as well as other features.

The BESPOKE refrigerator comes in nine colors and three different door textures. It's also available in eight sizes, which Samsung points out makes it an option whether you're living in a studio apartment or a large house. There's no pricing yet, and we're not sure when this will be available to customers, but you can expect more appliances in the near future. "There is a growing trend across this generation, especially among millennials, that sees us valuing personal tastes and experiences foremost," said Hyun Suk Kim, president and CEO of Samsung's consumer electronics division. "With Project PRISM, we are reflecting this trend, and hope that Samsung can become a prism-like medium, able to reflect each and every colorful consumer lifestyle."

Samsung is undoubtedly showing off its design capabilities here, and at a time when most high-end refrigerators simply add a water dispenser and a giant tablet to the front, Samsung's approach is refreshing. The fridge looks like something you'd find in an IKEA catalog, and it would fit right in with the robotic furniture IKEA announced yesterday. Both companies are clearly designing for small spaces, though Samsung doesn't want to put itself in a box and will sell gladly sell larger refrigerators, too.

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