Skype brings screen sharing to Android and iOS devices

The feature is making its way out of beta and into non-testers' phones.

Skype has officially launched screen sharing for Android and iOS devices less than a couple of months after the feature rolled out for beta testers. Screen sharing can be a valuable tool for video calls, whether for personal or work purposes -- say, to show a colleague the graphs you've been working on or to show a friend how to find a particular setting in their phone. It's high time the feature made its way to mobile, seeing as smartphones are everywhere now.

The screen sharing feature lives within the newly redesigned "..." menu that you can see at the bottom right corner of the screen while you're in a video call. It shares its home with call recording, subtitles and the ability to add people. While the feature is active, a banner at the top clearly indicates that it's beaming a copy of your screen to the other person in the call.

In addition, Skype's redesigned mobile calling experience is now also out of beta. It lets you focus on video calls by hiding call controls with a single tap and all the elements on the screen with a double tap. Skype has started rolling out the features for Android and iOS devices running iOS 12 and up.