HTC Vive Pro Eye is now out in North America for $1,599

The enterprise VR headset boasts eye-tracking capabilities.

At CES earlier this year, HTC showed off an updated Vive Pro headset with eye-tracking capabilities that can follow a user's eyeballs in real time. Now, the company has finally made the device available in North America after rolling it out in other parts of the globe. HTC Vive Pro Eye uses Tobii technology to follow users' gaze and ensure the part of the experience they're looking at is as sharp as possible, while the rest becomes background. The technology allows the enterprise headset to deliver realistic images and more immersive experiences.

HTC said it decided build a device with eye tracking after getting requests from enterprise customers that use VR to train employees and test new ideas and products. The Vive Pro Eye was designed to meet their needs. We used the headset to customize a BMW M5 at CES, and according to Engadget editor Jessica Conditt, the details looked "incredibly crisp" even when she "leaned in closely to examine specific parts." A full Vive Pro Eye kit will set buyers back at least $1,599 in the US and $2,149 in Canada. It includes the headset itself, two controllers, two base stations and other accessories.