'Alien: Isolation' will terrify Switch users later this year

It's your lucky star.

Xenomorphs will soon hunt you down on the road. Creative Assembly and Sega are bringing the survival horror of Alien: Isolation to the Switch sometime later in 2019. There are precious few details of what will change, but the portability is an obvious advantage over the existing console versions. You can also presume that it'll involve many instances of hiding in lockers and remaining perfectly quiet. Whether or not you'll get the movie-themed DLC is another matter.

To recap, Isolation generated buzz precisely because the atmosphere and gameplay hearkened back to the spirit of the original Alien film. Merely staying alive is an achievement, and the xenomorph is an existential threat. Combine that with the '70s-influenced aesthetic of Ridley Scott's universe and it can be engaging -- if tense enough that you may need to play in short (controlled) bursts.