'Empire of Sin' is John Romero's new strategy game

A noirish 1920s Chicago joint.

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Paradox Interactive
Paradox Interactive

The godfather of first person shooters, John Romero, is back -- with a strategy game. Empire of Sin showed up on Nintendo's E3 livestream, full of noirish rain-slicked streets, fedoras and tommy guns. In the game, players will shape an organized crime empire in Prohibiton-era 1920s Chicago as one of 14 bosses, with "randomly generated starting conditions" according to its website. Combat is turn-based as gangs take over rival territories and run speakeasies or casinos.

Both Romero -- the creator of the original Wolfenstein, DOOM and Quake games who co-founded id Software -- and his wife Brenda are behind the title. The game is made by Romero Games -- founded in 2015 -- and published by Paradox Interactive. Empire of Sin is set to drop spring 2020 on Switch, PC, Mac, Xbox and Playstation.

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