Apple's new Logic Pro X is built for the Mac Pro

It can handle gigantic compositions without breaking a sweat.

Apple boasted that the redesigned Mac Pro could easily handle the most demanding audio editing tasks, and now the software is ready for it. The tech firm has updated its Logic Pro X music editing app to support the new workstation's many cores, handling up to a whopping 56 processing threads. That lets the Mac Pro juggle up to 1,000 audio and software instrument tracks, or four times as many as the old computer. You won't be hurting for power if you're composing an elaborate orchestral piece for the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

The updated software also handles up to 1,000 auxiliary channel strips, 1,000 external MIDI tracks and 12 sends for every channel strip. The software should be leaner, too, with a more responsive Event List and Mixer as well as better efficiency for compositions with plenty of Flex Time and tempo changes.

The upgrade is free if you already have Logic Pro X, while newcomers can buy it for $200 from the Mac App Store. This probably won't lure you away from competing audio editing apps if you prefer their workflows, especially if you aren't already part of the Mac ecosystem. However, it might make a case for the Mac Pro/Logic combo if you're receptive to Apple's way of thinking or want a single computer that can handle truly enormous music projects.

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