Xfinity Mobile moves beyond phones with iPads and Apple Watch

It'll cost you a bit extra to add them to your plan.

Comcast's Xfinity Mobile is no longer limited to selling smartphones... provided you like Apple hardware. The carrier (whose network is run by Engadget parent Verizon) has introduced its first non-phone devices, including LTE versions of the Apple Watch Series 4, iPad Air and iPad mini. All three will cost the same as they do elsewhere. It really comes down to the cost of service. Whether you're subscribed to by-the-gig or unlimited data, it'll cost you $10 per month for every smartwatch or tablet you add to your plan.

The iPads are available now in Xfinity's stores. The Apple Watch will be available starting June 28th, and they'll only be available at retail. As with Comcast's cellphone service, the biggest hurdle is simply needing to be an internet customer -- this could be a deal if you're already all-in on Xfinity services, but it's a tougher sell if you prefer to have different providers.