YouTube Music will automatically download your favorite songs

Smart Downloads will save up to 500 songs you like so you can listen offline.

YouTube Music is making it easier to keep listening to your favorite tracks even when you're away from a consistent internet connection. The app is getting a new feature called Smart Downloads that will automatically download up to 500 songs you've clicked the "like" button on. The feature will be available on Android devices for YouTube Music Premium subscribers.

When activated, Smart Downloads will pick some of your favorite songs and make sure they are available to you anywhere. Downloads take place only while your device is connected to Wi-Fi and happen overnight to save on data. Users will be able to select how many songs they want the app to download in their settings.

Smart Downloads is an expansion of an existing YouTube Music feature called Offline Mixtape. When enabled, YouTube Music will create a mix of songs you like as well as songs that fit your taste profile and downloads it to your phone so you can listen to it without being connected to the internet. The feature is still available alongside Smart Downloads, so you can continue to get your mix of music discovery along with access to your favorite jams while offline.