YouTube lets you hide channels from your recommendations

A few new features will give users more control over their suggested content.

No matter how advanced algorithms get, none will understand your YouTube viewing preferences better than you. With that in mind, YouTube is adding a few new features that will give users more control over which videos appear in their homepage and Up Next suggestions. The changes will roll out beginning today on Android and iOS, and they'll arrive on desktop soon.

YouTube admits that it doesn't always get its suggestions right, so it will let users remove suggested channels that they don't want to watch. You'll be able to click the three-dot menu next to a video and select "don't recommend channel." YouTube will also attempt to make it easier to find content you do want. When you scroll up on your Homepage or Up Next, you'll be able to select categories related to your interests. The goal is to help users find what they're looking for faster. YouTube will also clue users into why they're seeing a particular video suggestion -- like because they viewed similar content in the past or other viewers with similar interests have liked it.

YouTube's algorithms have come under fire for everything from facilitating a "soft-core pedophilia ring" to pushing extremist content and suggesting conspiracy videos related to 9/11 misinformation, miracle cures and more. The new features don't address those issues, but at least now you have some control over what appears in your feed. If you watch one flat Earth video, you won't be subject to an endless stream of crazy.