Recommended Reading: Algorithms and school surveillance

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Following the rise in mass shootings, schools, hospitals and other public places are installing tech to monitor people. Part of this effort includes using algorithm-equipped microphones to capture audio, with the goal of detecting stress or anger before bad things happen. The problem? They aren't reliable and their mere existence is a massive invasion of privacy.

Seeing isn't believing: The fact checker's guide to manipulated video
The Washington Post

So-called deepfakes are all over the internet. And it seems like new manipulated videos of public figures arise every week. The Washington Post complied a quick tutorial so you can avoid being duped.

I went to Australia to test out Tesla's vision of the future
Elizabeth Lopatto,
The Verge

A trip to an Australian mansion that's being powered by Tesla solar panels and Powerwall batteries reveals the boring, yet compelling, future of renewable energy.

Here are hundreds more artists whose tapes were destroyed in the UMG fire
Jody Rosen,
The New York Times

NYT drew the ire of Universal Music Group with a recent exposé on a devastating fire in 2008. It turns out the disaster was even worse than that piece reported, as hundreds more artist tapes were lost.

The definitive study on how to make perfect hard-boiled eggs
Ella Quittner,

The path to perfect hard-boiled eggs may include newer tech like your Instant Pot or Bluetooth-enabled sous vide. Big fan of the soft-boiled Instant Pot method myself.