Tidal's interactive credits let you explore artists' other projects

Explore producers, songwriters and even art directors.

In the days of CDs and records, exploring the credits for a piece of music simply meant reading the album sleeve. But with digital music, discovering the unsung heroes behind your favorite music -- the producers, the engineers and studio musicians -- is a bit trickier. Jay-Z's music streaming service Tidal wants to put an end to that, as the platform launches a new interactive credits feature.

Tidal Credits aims to highlight all the people who helped make a piece of music. You can enter an artists' credit page through existing artist pages and explore all the different projects they've worked on, sorting tracks by popularity, release date, title, artist or role, which includes the categories of songwriter, producer, musician or misc. This miscellaneous category covers roles not directly associated with a track, such as art direction and A&R.

It's an ongoing project -- there's a lot of information to amass -- but it does build on Tidal's existing efforts: the platform has been displaying more basic credits and liner notes for some tracks since 2017. It's not the first music streaming service to do this -- Spotify began displaying basic credits back in February 2018 following its Secret Genius program -- but it is certainly the most comprehensive effort yet, and could set an important benchmark for giving credit where it's due.