Kia made a tiny Faraday cage to protect your wireless key from thieves

It's a stopgap until more secure systems arrive.

Many existing keyless entry systems aren't secure, but few people are likely to replace their cars just to reduce the chances of a determined thief making off with their ride. Kia UK has an official stopgap solution, though. It's taking a cue from third parties and releasing KiaSafe, a case that serves as a minuscule Faraday cage to block the key's wireless signals. There's nothing particularly special to it -- it's ultimately a metal-lined pouch -- but that's all might you need to prevent someone from swiping your car while you're asleep.

The case is available for £10 (slightly under $13) both during the transfer process for both new and existing Kia owners.

Before you ask: yes, Kia is fully aware that this isn't an ideal situation. It's promising that future wireless key fobs are "as close to impervious to attack as possible" through technologies like ultra-wideband signals and sleep buttons. This is more about acknowledging the issue (a particularly rampant one in the UK) and sparing drivers the trouble of hunting down an aftermarket option.