Apple quietly updates Macs to remove Zoom webcam exploit

It worked with Zoom to tackle the issue.

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AP Photo/Mark Lennihan
AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

It's not just Zoom scrambling to fix the exploit that allowed intruders to hijack Mac webcams. Apple has issued a silent, automatic update to macOS that removes the web server used to streamline access to the video conferencing app. The update isn't completely necessary when Zoom has already issued its own patch, but this ensures that people running older Zoom releases won't be vulnerable.

Zoom told TechCrunch that it partnered with Apple to test the fix. It shouldn't affect functionality other than requiring your permission to launch the app.

We've asked Apple for comment.

Apple is known to deliver quiet updates to block malware. This, however, is another story -- the company is pushing an update to fix a problem with an above-board developer that has over four million users. Neither Apple nor Zoom wanted to take any chances, even if the practical threat of someone using the exploit is slim.

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Apple quietly updates Macs to remove Zoom webcam exploit