Google Voice for web update makes it much faster to place calls

It now has an always-visible call panel and one-click call option.

Google is making it much easier to place calls through its Voice service's web interface, adding an always-visible call panel that shows your number and suggested contacts. The panel will remain on the screen whatever it is you're doing, whether you're checking messages or listening to voicemail. It even gives you instant access to the keypad, though you can hide it if you'd rather see more suggested contacts instead.

You might not even need that keypad anyway if you're calling contacts you get in touch with often. When you hover over a contact's name in your call list, a phone icon will now show up -- just click it to call that particular contact. Finally, a new audio icon in the main menu bar at the top of the interface will give you instant access to the app's audio settings. You can use it to set the microphone and the speakers you want to use, so you can switch them around depending on the situation.


The features are rolling out to all Google Voice users, both enterprise and regular consumers.

Update 7/12/19 7PM ET: Clarified that everybody's getting the new features, not just enterprise customers.