T-Mobile hopes to reel you in with free Taco Bell at its stores

The pop-ups are only around between July 23rd and 25th, though.

T-Mobile has a simple way to draw you into its stores: it's straight-up bribing you with free food. The carrier is partnering with Taco Bell on "T-MoBell" (yes, we know) pop-up stores at signature T-Mobile locations in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City between July 23rd and July 25th. Anyone who attends will get free tacos, special T-MoBell Freeze drinks (aka white cherry) and branded merch like socks and stick-on phone wallets. The two are even courting celebrity chasers with promises of "special guests" at each location, such as The Bachelor's Colton Underwood in Chicago.

And yes, there's still something for those who either can't make it or wouldn't be caught dead attending a gig like this. T-Mobile's Twitter followers can enter giveaways staring July 23rd, including for a $500 Taco Bell gift card (that's a lot of gorditas) and tech like Powerbeats Pro earbuds and Megaboom 3 speakers.

It's all a conspicuous ploy to get people to switch carriers or upgrade their phones, of course. Still, it stands out as an unusual team-up in a field where tie-ins are commonplace. And think of it this way: if nothing else, it'll give you a bite to eat if you're stuck downtown and don't mind a hard sell on phone service while you chow down.

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