Tell us your best memories of the NES

Celebrate the NES’s thirty-sixth birthday with a user review!

This week, Nintendo announced an updated version of the Switch. Meanwhile, one of its oldest consoles celebrated its thirty-sixth birthday. The Nintendo Entertainment System was released on July 15th, 1983 and went on to sell over 61 million units worldwide in its lifespan, thrilling multiple generations of kids and adults with 8-bit graphics in titles like Super Mario Bros. and the Legend of Zelda.

The affection that fans feel for the NES is evident in the reviews left on our NES product page. One user wishes for a Duck Hunt remaster, while other admirers have awarded the console a score of 10 based on Zelda alone. You'll also find plenty others reminiscing about all the time they spent blowing into those "big, bulky grey cartridges." Personally, I'm not sure how many hours I clocked playing Super Mario Bros. but I still know the first five levels like the back of my hand.

If you likewise hold a special place in your heart for the NES, commemorate it with a user review detailing all the things you love and miss about the system. Head over to our buyer's guide page for the first-gen Nintendo Entertainment System and share your thoughts about the console that started it all. And if you're a bigger fan of, say, the SNES or the 2DS, we have product pages for those too!

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